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Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning is located in the ceiling or under the floor and distributed through ductwork through air vents that are strategically placed throughout your property. Multiple zones can also be installed in ducted systems to switch on or off certain areas to save on electricity and focus on certain areas.

If you’re not sure what ducted system is right for you, our technicians will be able to guide you to make an informed decision based on the latest technologies. Don’t be afraid of ducted systems, with modern technology like zones, sensors, inverters and multiple fuel sources, ducted systems can be more efficient then split systems and portable heaters as they use less resources when targeting a large home.

Different types of ducted systems:

  • Ducted gas

  • Ducted reverse cycle

  • Hybrid systems

With technology advancing, ducted systems can also be programmed and controlled remotely and can be turned on and off automatically to save on electricity.

PHW Services have years of experience in providing heated, ventilation and air conditioning services, which in turn being plumbers, electricians, gas fitters and air conditioning technicians gives us the advantage to offer all typed of ducted air conditioning. Call us today!

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