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Emergency Electrical Repairs

We understand how frustrating it’s when the electricity at your home isn’t running smoothly. With modern life technology and more people working from home, PHW services are ready to identify the issue and provide a solution that is effective and long lasting.

Electricity is extremely dangerous and should not be done by an amateur. Leave any electrical work to our fully qualified, licensed and insured technicians as they are constantly investing in the latest technology and up to date advancements in industry developments.

Your safety is our number one concern. Electricity is not to be second guessed. If you’ve noticed a spark, an unusual electrical smell, had a random blackout in the night, don’t wait to call PHW Services, your electrical specialists.

Our highly skilled, experienced and qualified technicians are available with any type of electrical emergency, as it can be fatal. The experts of PHW Services will guarantee, whatever your property needs we can provide:

  • Repair or replace your switchboard or fuses

  • Repair or replace power point outlets

  • Repair or replace hot water systems

  • Re-establish power poles or mains that have been disconnected due to unforeseen circumstances

  • Repair or replace safety switch issues to stop trips

  • Repair any unusual electrical smells and sparks

  • Repair or replace surge protection from damage from power spikes

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