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Leaking Taps

  • Are your taps annoying you with the constant dripping sound?

  • Are you worried about water wastage and what your water bill could be?

  • Call PHW Services, your leaking tap repair specialists in Sydney!

There are a few factors that may be causing the leaking tap, however if left too long a leak can damage the tap so bad that it may require a replacement.

The amount of money a leaking tap can cost to families is something that doesn’t sit well with PHW services, which is why we pride ourselves with master plumbers the same day.

With climate change and droughts starting to impact the environment around us, everyone should do their part to help conserve our precious water resources. It’s always positive to save water anyway you can around the house. Helping to save water can be as simple as contacting a licensed PHW services plumber to get your leaky tap fixed for good.

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