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Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor ventilation is an ideal way to reduce the buildup of moisture and to prevent moisture from entering the property in the future. It should also be a part of your pest management plan.

In turn, it will make the property make comfortable, pleasant, help with odours and a safer and healthier environment from mould and pests such as termites.

Subfloor ventilation will make sure that your building is maintained, has enough adequate drainage around your building and that your brickwork and insulation is not damaged.

If you’re experiencing any of the listed symptoms below, don’t hesitate to call PHW services a call:

  • A musty smell

  • Noticing mould growing on surfaces, including wardrobes

  • Allergies and asthma symptoms are growing worse for people who spend time there

  • Noticing more pests and infestations within the home, including termites

  • Dampness on floor or wall

  • An increased humidity in the environment

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