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PHW Services understand the need to feel safe in your own space at home or work. We guarantee the wide range of security features we can provide you will have you sleep easing in no time. A great way to monitor your entire property is by having our certified technicians out to provide you with a range of solutions to best suit your requirements.

Feeling safe is a vital part of modern-day life now. The extra security for peace of mind will help you worry less from potential security threats. PHW Services sympathise with our customers' needs for security – our master electricians will provide you with the solutions to your security problems as they’re highly skilled, trained, insured and fully qualified.

The type of security services we provide are:

  • Security cameras

    • CCTV – these can be installed:

      • Indoor

      • Outdoor (wet weather resistant)

    • Rechargeable cameras

    • Motion detection – intelligent alerts that matter through an application

  • Smart home package – This is so you can access your surveillance system via your mobile phone while you’re away from home. To enhance your protection and give you more peace of mind.

  • Intercoms – different types and designs to suit any home. These will help you monitor your front door all the time. Inside your home or remote access control.

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