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Home Safety Inspection

Did you know an electrical inspection differs from a general home inspection?

PHW services technicians are fully qualified and licensed to make an informed and rigorous inspection on the condition of your home electrical system, including your hot water system. This involves checking on safety, hazards and risks that over exceeds the Australian industry standards.

Whether you're buying, selling or renting a property, unsure how long your electrical system hasn’t been checked for or worried it’s out of date. Call PHW services today and we call help with any home safety inspections.

Our home safety inspections include inspections and providing recommendations:

  • The condition of switches, lights and sensors for any faults

  • The switchboard ensuring all parts are in good condition

  • The location and condition of smoke alarms

  • The electrical meter for any damaged or perished wires

  • The hot water system condition and ensuring it's not exceeding 50°C

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