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Fuse Box & Switchboards

\Did you know in 2018 the Australian Government changed the wiring standard in 2018? Residual current circuit breaker with overload protection (RCBO) is the new standard in circuit breakers as they’re so effective in preventing electrocution.

Your switchboard, also known as a fuse box is the ‘remote control’ of your homes electrical system, in other words they control the flow of electricity too your power points, appliances and lights. Older switchboards were never intended to take on high wattage loads that the modern household places onto them.

If there’s an overload, a switchboard will blow out. This cuts the power to the circuit and all devices connected to the power points will no longer be functionable until the switch is turned back on.

When a circuit breaker won’t reset, there's a few reasons being:

  • The circuit is still overloaded - The appliance that overloaded the circuit breaker is still currently plugged in. Make sure its unplugged before resetting the switch.

  • Not reset correctly - Some breakers are tricky to reset. Due to the short distance, it can be easy to mix up the position. Flick the breaker off again and make sure it's all the way on.

  • A short circuit – if your appliances have been unplugged, you will probably have bare wires touching somewhere. This is a disaster waiting to happen and you need to call an electrician immediately.

  • Failed circuit breaker – They’re a safety mechanism for your home and family. As they get older and perish, they start to trip during normal everyday use and will need to be replaced.

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