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Level 2 Electrician

We have level 2 electricians available that involved the highest qualifications needed as an electrician. Due to the increased risk involved, ongoing training and certification are a must.

Ausgrid or Endeavour energy maintain the distribution of electricity, this includes the poles and wires in your street. You then have your property supplied with electricity by a utility provider who sells this for a profit.

The maintenance of your private pole, consumer mains and electrical systems in your property is your responsibility. Including trees around the power poles that may affect the consumer mains.

A level 2 electrician is needed when any work involves:

  • Power poles/power line work

  • Meter installations

  • Underground services

  • Disconnecting/reconnecting of power

  • Street lighting

  • Temporary builders service

  • New switchboards to residential or multi story

  • Upgrading switchboards

  • Relocating switchboards

  • Safety switch circuit breaker install

  • Earthing

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