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Solar electricity is a way to power a property that benefits the environment. It benefits the environment because it’s a renewable energy source and there’s no direct greenhouse gas emissions. A renewable energy is something that is naturally replenished on a human timescale.

Once the initial set up costs of solar, they convert sunlight into electricity cleanly and will in turn reduce the utility bill for free. When sunlight hits the panels a flow of electrons is created and produces direct current (DC) electricity, the more panels in an array, the more electricity can be made. However, in our homes, we use alternating current (AC) electricity. A box called an inverter, coverts DC electricity in AC electricity so it can be used in your premises as 240volts.

There is no control over when clouds come, however position of solar panels is key. Placement away from the shadows of trees and buildings will help. Modern solar panels are equipped with devices called a bypass diode. They reduce the problem shadows have by enabling electricity to flow around the shaded area.

PHW Services aim to help you make the most out of the renewable energy the world provides us with. Solar can not only help with lowing the cost of the utility bill, but also put value into your property itself.

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