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Old, electrical wiring is extremely dangerous. Statistics show that over 350 residential house fires are started by electrical faults in NSW each year.


These are the result of old wiring that have perished or is inadequate with the pressure of modern life for televisions, computers, air conditioners and more.

Rewiring is an extremely dangerous job which is why our experienced, qualified electricians are constantly participating in up-to-date training and studied for countless hours to master their trade to provide you with the highest level of standards and safety to ensure a rewiring job is successful.

  • Is your house over 20 years old?

  • Do your lights keep flickering?

  • Are you renovating or extending an older house?

  • Is your circuit breaker constantly tripping?

  • Can you smell a burning odour?

These are tell-tale signs you need to call our friendly customer support officers today!

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