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Protect Your Family

Everyone wants to protect their family as they’re the most valuable thing and there's a few ways PHW services can help with this.

Did you know the government introduced new wiring standards in 2018? Is your property up to Australian standards? This is to protect you and your families lives!

When an accident happens, you want to make sure your switchboard works faster than ever in milliseconds to cut the power instead of elocuting. Standard circuit breakers and ceramic fuses aren’t adequate to work this fast, which is why the government makes all new switchboards to contain residual current circuit breakers with overload protection. (RCBO).  

Our priority is your safety; therefore, our inspections our thorough. Our electricians are highly trained to make sure your home is safe from numerous things and electrical fires which is why you should call PHW services now to help with services like:

  • PowerPoint protection

  • Electrical safety audit

  • Upgrading switchboards to new 2018 Australian Standards

  • Smoke detectors

  • Home safety inspections

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