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Air Conditioning Repairs

When there is a change in your air conditioner, you shouldn’t put it off, call the air conditioning specialists PHW Services, as soon as you notice a change. The leading cause of failures leading to repair of even replacement is from the lack of maintenance and cleaning.

Fixing minor issues can prevent major repairs and extends the life of your air conditioning system.

PHW Services have experienced HVAC specialists that will diagnose and repair the issue of your air conditioning system to have it up and running in no time.

The most common reasons of repair that PHW services HVAC specialists can perform are:

  • Air circulation – for air conditioning systems to work, they need to have airflow. If the system has no airflow or circulation, it will make the system over work. The airflow can be from snapped belts, dirty coils, fan motor seizing or dirty filters not been maintained.

  • – high or low. For air conditioners to work, they need liquid refrigerant. Too much of it will kill the compressor by flooding it. Too little of it will be from damage and the system has a leak somewhere. A HVAC specialist will need to find the leak, and repair it with the right gas as every air conditioning system takes different types.

  • – If the filters haven't been cleaned from dust and dirt your system won’t be very happy eventually. Manufacturers recommend cleaning them every 2-4 weeks. Regular maintenance will stop your system from needing to be repaired, however PHW Services can repair this.

  • Compressor issues – When there isn’t enough lubricating oil in the refrigerant lines the compressor will lead to drying out and cause it to stop working

  • Component issues – These parts need to be replaced when any one of them stop working. Only an experience air conditioning specialist will be able to diagnose what part it exactly is.

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